4K Top40 Kyoto Travel Guide 京都観光名所40選 Japanese garden 旅行 四季 スポット 桜 紅葉 新緑 青もみじの名所 額縁庭園 和風庭園 絶景 日本庭園

4K Top40 Kyoto Travel Guide 京都観光名所40選 Japanese garden 旅行 四季 スポット 桜 紅葉 新緑 青もみじの名所 額縁庭園 和風庭園 絶景 日本庭園

Kyoto is likely one of the most well-known vacationer locations in Japan.
Kyoto gives a historic and conventional view of Japan.
It has been a spot of scenic pure magnificence since historical instances with little altering over the centuries.
There is not any higher place to expertise the seasons of Japan.
Top40-rated points of interest in Kyoto have been rigorously chosen to make your journey to Kyoto unforgettable.


00:00 オープニング
03:28 城南宮のしだれ梅・Weeping Plum bushes of Jonangu Shrine
04:57 保津川下りの桜・Cherry blossoms of Hozugawa River Boat Ride
07:16 桜トンネルの嵐電 ・Cherry Blossom Tunnel of Randen Tram
08:53 背割堤の桜・Cherry blossoms of Sewaritei District
11:50 伏見十石舟の桜・Cherry blossoms of Fushimi Jukkokubune Boats
13:05 嵯峨野トロッコ列車の桜・Cherry Blossoms of Sagano Romantic Train
14:44 岡崎十石舟めぐりの桜・Cherry Blossoms of Okazaki Jikkokubune Boat Ride
16:01 原谷苑の桜・Cherry Blossoms of Haradanien
18:16 平安神宮の桜・Cherry Blossom of Heian Jingu
20:19 東寺の桜・Cherry blossoms of Toji Temple
21:41 金閣寺の青もみじ・Blue maple of Kinkakuji
23:15 銀閣寺の青もみじ・Blue maple of Ginkakuji Temple
24:55 西芳寺の苔・Moss Garden of Saihoji Temple
26:39 大原三千院の苔・Moss Garden of Ohara Sanzenin Temple
28:25 祇王寺の苔・Moss Garden of Gioji Temple
29:55 額縁庭園 宝泉院・Picture Frame Garden/Hosenin Temple
30:34 額縁庭園 圓光寺・Picture Frame Garden /Enkoji Temple
31:03 額縁庭園 実光院・Picture Frame Garden/Jikkoin Temple
31:47 額縁庭園 無鄰菴・Picture body Garden/Murinan
32:38 額縁庭園 詩仙堂・Picture body Garden/Shisendo Temple
33:13 額縁庭園 青蓮院門跡・Picture body Garden/Shorenin Temple (Shorenin Monzeki)
33:54 額縁庭園 圓徳院・Picture body Garden/Entokuin Temple
34:33 額縁庭園 蓮華寺・Picture Frame Garden/Rengeji Temple
35:10 夏の風景 鴨川と賀茂川・Summer surroundings of Kamo River and Kamo River
38:33 祇園祭 神幸祭・Shinko Festival of Gion Festival
40:27 祇園祭 山鉾巡行・Gion Festival of Yamahoko Parade
43:45 伏見稲荷神社・Fushimi Inari Shrine
44:12 竹林の小径・Path of Bamboo
45:22 花見小路通・Hanamikoji Street
47:53 五山送り火と灯籠流し・Gozan Okuribi and Floating Lanterns
51:06 嵐山の紅葉・Autumn leaves of Arashiyama
53:06 叡山電車・もみじトンネル・Eizan Train Momiji Tunnel
54:22 圓光寺の紅葉・ Autumn leaves of Enkoji Temple
56:17 東福寺の紅葉・Autumn leaves of Tofukuji Temple
58:57 永観堂の紅葉・Autumn leaves of Eikando Temple
1:02:21 瑠璃光院の紅葉・Autumn leaves of Rurikoin Temple
1:04:13 叡山ケーブルの紅葉とロープウェイの夜景・Autumn leaves of Eizan cable and night time view of ropeway
1:05:54 清水寺の紅葉・Autumn leaves of Kiyomizudera Temple
1:09:26 宝厳院の紅葉・Autumn leaves of Hogonin Temple                           
1:12:36 美山かやぶきの里の雪景色・Snow surroundings of  
Miyama’s thatched village



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